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We are your complete retail solution from payment collection to everything else.
  • Ticketmann is a technology company incorporated to provide complete retail solution from payments to everything else. We are a fast-growing provider of payment solutions that help businesses solve problems associated with managing sales of products and services, irrespective of scale or type of business, using a combination of smart hardware and software technology.
  • At the core of our business is a deep understanding of the real challenges faced by various business owners with regards to managing point of sale transactions, keeping pace with inventory, data management and scalability. Our product provides solutions that cater to ticket dispensing, payment collection, discount application as well as inventory and financial reconciliation management. Ticketmann also provides merchant aggregator services.
  • We believe in mobile commerce. This is why our products are tailored to empower sales for any scale of business be it a large brand with tons of outlets, a corner store or sales from the trunk of a car. If you run a transport or logistics business, own a retail outlet, restaurant, or do mobile sales from where you are, Ticketmann is the right solution for you.

If you wake up with an idea, we want to help bring that idea to existence by providing the right tools to commence sales right from where you are.

Ease of acquisition and use of our solutions is the bedrock when it comes to developing our products and services.


To simplify payments for brick and mortal business and power the entire sale process of any product or service.


We hold our customers in very high esteem and go out of our way to always deliver great service while operating within a set of values that revolve around functionality, experience and excellence.


Point of Sale Solution

Collect payments with ease using our point of sale solution at a large outlet or from a corner store.

Complete Ticketing Solution

Why have multiple devices to handle the different steps in a sale transaction when you do it all from one device integrated with our smart ticketing solution? Run your physical business on the go with access to real time data.

Merchant Aggregator Service

Looking for an avenue to start a business with owning a product or service of your own? You can generate income by selling products and services of multiple merchants while earning commission under our Merchant Aggregator Service usingone mobile device.

Business Growth Ticket

At Ticketmann we do not stop at providing payment and retail solutions to power your business, but also support you all the way. Your business growth is priority to us and we show commitment to this through our insightful business growth tool kit.

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